Yoga for Black Lives

Yoga for resistance and restoration.

"Yoga for Black Lives allowed me to center my anguish, grief, and hope about the state of all Black lives - mine included. I feel grateful that this space encouraged us to bring in the names of Black people, places, and histories that set our intentions for the yoga practice. Steph led us while also allowing us to be free to listen to our bodies with intentional movements and breathing to hold our full feelings." -ASH


"Stephanie is an absolutely amazing instructor. I hadn't done yoga in a very long time and have always been hesitant to start again because of my body size. But she made sure to remind me of what my body is possible and capable of doing, and made it accessible for me every step of the way. Stephanie creates a safe and welcoming space the is seeped in love and intentionality. I'm so thankful and honored to have witness her work!" - ILIANA


"I love Stephanie's 'Yoga for Black Lives' classes for so many reasons.  She is of course calming and facilitates a powerful experience physically in the practice.  Her class is also inclusive and welcoming to all bodies.  But my favorite thing is that her class is also emotionally centering because she calls on us to enter and leave the practice by focusing our intentions and donations on working for racial justice.  As a fellow race scholar and social justice activist, I really value her calling on us to hold that space.  Her class thus creates physical, emotional, and social healing that is really needed personally and for our communities broadly." - JES


"Stephanie is one of my very favorite yoga teachers, and I have literally structured my work schedule around attending as many of her classes as possible. Stephanie's classes are not one-size-fits-all, and no two are ever the same. She is responsive to what is happening in her life and the world - whether it's a busy time in the semester, a major crisis like the detainment of Bresha Meadows, or a minor calamity like a lunchtime stain on her short - Stephanie is attentive to whatever is happening outside the mat and uses it as inspiration for what we don on the mat. From Stephanie, I have learned how yoga is not distinct from, but rather informs and expands, our practices as scholars, facilitators, teachers, learner, activists, and community members.  From Stephanie, I have learned how to approach yoga playfully and curiously, I am more attentive and responsive to changes in my own breath and body." - ALYSSA